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NEA award

The Geocup Story

Geocup 1: Paper cup, cool zones and plastic lid version.
Geocup 2: Paper cup, cool zones and paper lid version.

The sleek, bright white cup to-go—of virgin plastic foam or bleached forest fiber—is a failed cup system. It represents an under-accounting of the true costs to produce an insulated hot cup to-go. Geocup represents a new direction in package design: one whose pricing reflects all the costs of production. It's about forest-free fiber blends, benign chemistry and universal design for all ages. It's a commitment to achieving 100% compost-friendly packaging.

Packaging is literally the face of a company. Specialty coffee and tea companies offer quality products whose pricing reflects a mutually beneficial relationship between the farmer and the Earth. These value-driven companies now have two viable containers to represent their products: the durable ceramic mug and the decomposable Geocup, a big picture package.

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insulation strategies for the paper cup

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