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 Please fill out the form below to receive your Geocup samples. We value your feedback, so please contact us with comments or questions about your Geocup samples. Thank you!
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 Which insulated hot cup system do you currently use for take-out?
 Standard paper cup, coated 1-side w/plastic film, interior surface.  
 Special paper cup, coated 2-sides w/plastic film, textured exterior surface.  
 Special paper cup w/triple sidewall wrapper,full height.  
 Standard plastic foam cup, all thicknesses.  
 Slide-on cup sleeve.  
 Domed plastic lid, free-flow opening.  
 Low-profile plastic lid, manual opening.  
 Other cup or lid - please specify:  
 Rate hot cup performance:
 Very poor  
 Several complaints  
 Several compliments  
 Rate hot cup impact on store image:
 Very negative image  
 Subtracts from image  
 Doesn't affect image  
 Adds to image  
 Very positive image  
 Most frequent customer comment(s) regarding hot cups to go:  
 Describe your ideal insulated hot cup system for take-out:  
 How many hot cups do you order per year?
 Describe your business:
 Independent retailer  
 Mini chain store (under 10 stores)  
 Large chain store (over 10 stores)  
 Importer, broker  
 Cooperative, non-profit, association  
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 Thank you for your interest in Geocup!

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